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June update from the ACGR President and Executive Director

June 2022

As we learn to live with COVID both in Australia and globally, it is good to be able to start travelling again, both professionally and privately. Friends and families are reconnecting. Meetings and conferences are back along with opportunities for face-to-face meetings and those all-important connections and networking.

ACGR is again contributing and making our presence felt nationally and globally. In April ACGR President Imelda Whelehan represented ACGR in a keynote address on Improving Access to Doctoral Education at the UK Council of Graduate Education International Conference on Developments in Doctoral Education & Training.

Later this year, four members of ACGR will represent Australia at the US Council of Graduate Studies Global Summit which will explore the “The Evolving Role of Mentors and Supervisors in Graduate Education”. ACGR Executive Director Fiona Zammit is representing the Council on advisory groups for the new version of APR Intern and the DESE Industry PhD Program. Next month the 2022 Universities Australia Conference will be held in Canberra. If any ACGR members are attending, please do lend your graduate research voice to the discussions.

Finally, and most importantly, ACGR is also planning to meet in person at our next national meeting. Registration details will be made available shortly.

Now that the election is over, we eagerly await advice on the Education portfolio/minister and any further opportunities to promote the importance of and support for research training. Watch this space.

As winter descends, we hope you all keep warm and well.
Best regards,

Imelda Whelehan, ACGR President
Fiona Zammit, ACGR Executive Director

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