Research Training for Impact: an impact-focused HDR curriculum at RMIT

April 2024

‘Research Training for Impact: an impact-focused HDR curriculum at RMIT’ was held on 26 March.

In late 2020, RMIT committed a portion of the additional RSP funding granted by the Commonwealth to the redevelopment of the coursework components of the HDR curriculum. The new curriculum went live in 2023. The curriculum redevelopment was lead by the School of Graduate Research. It aimed to address some delivery issues in the existing curriculum through the development of high-quality digital assets to enable global delivery but more importantly, to educate and support candidates in the principles of research translation and impact from the outset of the research, not as an afterthought.

The project has delivered a consistent curriculum across the university with substantial components of curriculum shared across disciplines. The curriculum redevelopment project also supported a refresh of the co-curricular offerings and the introduction of a new platform (Inkpath) to support their delivery.

In this webinar, the RMIT team outlined the principles underpinning the curriculum and co-curricular offerings and some of the challenges in taking (and delivering) a whole of university approach to curriculum redevelopment.

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