An update from ACGR sponsor Epigeum

March 2023

Did you see that the Epigeum full Research Skills Toolkit is now available? Designed to provide masters, doctorates and early career researchers with the skills and knowledge to become effective researchers, each programme within the toolkit aligns with different stages of their journey.

Becoming a Researcher helps researchers develop the foundational skills to manage their research project effectively, understand intellectual property and build positive relationships with their supervisors. Ethical Research, described by users as “one of the best online courses that I have utilised,” is specifically adapted to reflect Australian legislation and prepares researchers to handle the ethical challenges they may encounter. A central step in the research journey, Research Methods integrates the latest developments, trends and challenges in research practice.

Epigeum’s latest programmes, which complete the toolkit, are Disseminating your Research and Beyond Research. These programmes help researchers identify the most effective ways to communicate their research and reflect on their journey as they plan their next steps.

Epigeum’s flexible toolkit structure means programmes can be combined or undertaken independently – creating a flexible learning journey supporting your institute and learners’ unique needs. For more information, contact Epigeum here.

Epigeum was recently acquired by Sage Publishing, who share our commitment to producing high-quality educational resources. This provides an exciting opportunity to grow our offering to existing and new customers globally.