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How to change a life – through access to the beach

July 2021

Research Graduates from Central Queensland University know the impact of their research – they know it can change lives.

Many of CQU’s graduate researchers have gained considerable industry experience, before they start their research degrees. And by building on that experience through their research, they are making a difference in their communities.

Just like physiotherapist, and now researcher, Sasha Job.

Sasha knows that many people, including her physiotherapy patients, struggle with their mobility and fitness. She also knows that getting to the beach can be a transformative way to improve their health.

Unfortunately, for some of her patients that want to get to the beach, the beach just isn’t accessible.

Through her research, Sasha’s aiming to understand the barriers to accessing the beach, so she can help her patients find ways to overcome them – and achieve their health goals.

Listen to the full details of this interesting, and impactful research via the CQU podcast:



Photos by Khachik Simonian on Unsplash and Inspired Horizons Digital Marketing on Unsplash

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