Meeting 2 2021

Date: November 2021

Location: Online

Host: ACGR


Delegate list

Program Overview – subject to change

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Day 1

Recording of Day 1

Time marks on recording:

00:00:00  Introduction

00:04:40  Research, Innovation and Internationalisation in a post-COVID world

00:49:16  Preparing doctoral education for a post-pandemic world

01:22:07  Disclosing and managing interests in supervision and examination

01:53:20 Graduate Research Wellbeing programs and services

02:34:08  DESE Presentation

02:54:30 Discussion of DESE matters

03:14:00 Quick updates from CAPA and ResearchMaster

03:27:27  ACGR AGM

Day 1 Chat File


McEwan-Positioning Graduate Research Education for a post-COVID world

Kinnear and Whelehan – Managing Interests in Graduate Research GPG_

Jackson – Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources Audit

Ross – University of Auckland Mental Health and Wellbeing

Shaw – Doctoral Wellbeing University of Newcastle

Farrell – ANU Mental Health and Wellbeing

DESE Research Policy Priorities and


Day 2

Recording of Day 2

Time marks on recording:

00:00:00  Improving Research Culture

00:00:55  AHRI Pilot Study

00:21:40  UQ’s Wellbeing, Engagement and Research Culture survey

00:42:10  Establish and effective research culture

01:00:40 Updates from ProQuest and NZ DDOGS

01:13.28 Graduate Research Governance and Management

01:38:12  How can Deans of Graduate Research Make a Difference  – advice from 3 sage (and retiring) Deans

Day 2 Chat File


Zobel and Morris ACGR-AHRI

Bern and Parker HDR WERC

Riek and McEwan HDR Governance and Management – November Meeting

McEwan How can Graduate Deans Make a Difference