Demonstrating the impact of Graduate Research

The ACGR’s Graduate Research Impact Blog is a platform for knowledge exchange between all of ACGR’s stakeholders – academics, graduate researchers and importantly, the end-users of research and the future employers of research graduates. We hope it will provide a forum to engage with the public and private sectors in discussions about the value that graduate researchers bring to a knowledge-based economy.

We want to highlight the importance of research graduates for the volume and quality of research conducted in Australia, the impacts Australia’s research graduates have through the research they conduct, and the vast and diverse impacts they have throughout their careers.

We welcome submissions from all ACGR stakeholders. Please read Contributing to the Blog for more information, including Frequently Asked Questions and Terms and Conditions of the blog. All submissions will be reviewed by the Managing Editor and the Editorial Review Panel.

Editorial Review Panel

The Graduate Research Impact Blog Editorial Review Panel provides objective expert advice to shape the Impact Blog so it can be a means to improve the excellence and impact of Graduate Research policy and practice in Australia.

The current Graduate Research Impact Blog Editorial Review Panel members are: